Friday, August 18, 2017

Dee's Friendship Club (Part Six)

Just a bunch of pals, pallin' around.

Almost there! Just a few more posts and Dee's Friendship club is done!

Friday, July 21, 2017

Dee's Friendship Club (Part Five)

Ain't nuthin' like playing street hockey with friends on a summer's eve :)

Hey guys! Thanks for joining us here on episode five. It's over halfway there with this longer than usual story. I wrote this up a little over a year ago and am happy to see how it's coming into fruition. Sectioning the work into pieces, tidbits, if you will, assists me in managing the posts better. I'm planning on doing more actual writing to further my story telling. I want to make something that I'm proud of that resonates with others. I much enjoy this blogging section. I don't imagine too many stay here too long so I feel semi safe rambling to my hearts content about the intricacies of comic work. I love it though amateur that I am. The process of drawing and storytelling is just something I have been in love since childhood. Only recently have I been putting my storytelling capabilities into practice. 

I have always had the ability for illustrating. Storytelling not so much. I have very simple ideas but the depth of emotions underneath those ideas are what are complex and and so very interesting. My my is what will matter most. Character development, Timing, and Creating Worlds are my current areas of focus.

I start school in September to finally graduate with a B.F.A. I am excited to excel in school and gain new skills and confidence. Simultaneously, I intend to continue Little Red Panda Comics to the best of my ability. Lately, I have been dedicated to fitness. The same principles of exercise apply to art. In the end they are both disciplines. I will be reducing my day job to twice a week, hopefully down to Thursdays and Sundays. I will have to wake up earlier than I already do, probably around 6 AM in order to get my morning exercise and leave on time for class. I plan to stay at school a majority of Monday through Wednesday with the addition of weekend labs. 

Recently, I discovered I am a mesomorph body type. I am naturally muscular with the potential of having a warrior's body but I sit on the couch and eat chips. Inspired by this knowledge I have been pushing myself further during my workouts. Exercise gives me a high, a feeling of confidence I am addicted to. When I don't exercise I feel weak, sluggish, sad and if it goes long enough I become depressed. But the same applies to art. When I draw for at least an hour I feel good, and the more I do the more amazing I feel. Discipline is a very new thing for me. My goal is consistency. If I can be consistent, if I can build a solid daily foundation for myself I know I will go far in life. I believe in my success and in my dreams. I believe in my visions and I know I can make them tangible, make them real. Anyway, that's all the rambling I'll do for today. Life is full and beautiful and wonderful always.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Dee's Friendship Club (Part Four)

Finally, the identity of Sir Red Tailed Hawk revealed. More new characters to follow and more summer silliness ensues...

Hi guys! It's been a while. I'll be in So Cal next few days enjoying some summer fun myself. We are going to Kingdom Hearts Orchestra and then heading to Anaheim for a fun filled day of Disneyland for our good mates 22nd Birthday. Woohoo! Then we come back, go to work, then head out for a weekend of camping and river rafting. Then the weekend after that is my Birthday. Then things should calm down for me after that. I may have the July Fourth weekend to myself. Just me, the dogs and the fireworks and if I'm good I'll have some quality Zelda: Breath of the Wild time. We'll see. In any case I am looking forward to all of it.

Meanwhile, I have enrolled back in school after more than 3 years. I start this September and am very excited to get my degree. After being on an off with school my entire life, I am looking to get things in order and do my best. I've been looking into getting a Surface Pro. Still need to get down on research but I do believe it is time for an upgrade.

Anyhow, life is good. I have made it a priority to exercise and do artwork every day for an hour each at minimum. This morning ritual gives me foundation for my life. I have developed more discipline in past two years than I ever had my entire life. It really is due to my partner and her natural ability to be structured, thorough, organized and extraordinary focus. I am very happy and blessed to be with someone who complements me so much. Anyway, i never know how to conlclude these personal blog thingies. Love, work, and play day!

Friday, March 31, 2017

Dee's Friendship Club (Part Three)

Part Three of Dee's Friendship Club. Who is this mysterious hawk? How will Dee find friends for her club is she is eating ice cream? Will Nina's advice be enough? And, most importantly, what is YOUR favorite flavor of frozen dessert? Stay tuned for more Little Red Panda coming your way ;)

Woo! These kids sure know how to have fun. Who doesn't like ice cream? There's also gelato, sherbet, frozen yogurt, the list continues. So if ice cream isn't your thing, there are other also very delicious things.

Anyhow, life is good, been doing things on time. Which doesn't sound like a big deal but for someone who has the WORST time management skills of all time, it's kind of a doozy for me. I've developed a 3 hour morning ritual of exercise and artwork. I've been getting better and am proud of my progress. All that exercise used to be for these crazy good looks but as time passes it's more important for my body to feel strong and healthy. Being in your thirties really hits that stiff lower back lol. Stretching and moving heals it in the long run. I also can't emphasize enough the importance of sleeping and resting enough. I think people get sick a lot because of lack of those things. But don't worry, despite all of my discipline, I treat myself to a bowl of salted caramel gelato every night haha, yisss.

In other news, I will be returning to school this August for hopefully the final time. School and myself have had an off and on relationship for the past 12 years. This time I'm ready to commit to get that degree. I used to be very anti industry and anti corporations for no good reason. But I'm actually interested in getting experience now working for companies and seeing and experiencing and connecting with others. It sounds fun now. Interesting how our palettes expand, literally and figuratively.

Because of my improving efficiency, I have been pumping out comics because I've found the pace that currently works best for me. Much like running, I go at my own pace and it makes all the difference. In the very beginning of posting comics I would complete an entire 12 page story and then post. Needless to say, posting was very sporadic, sometimes only posting once every 3 months. In this modern world of internet and increasingly short attention spans, that is just unacceptable. But how do I keep up? Post a few pages at a time, practice, prioritize one full hour a day to comic work, etc. There are plenty of little things I found work for me. It's nice seeing things coming along and moving forward. Most of all, it's a lot of fun hehe.

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Happy Birthday Meowli!

We interrupt our regularly scheduled program to bring you a very important message:

Hap Hap Happiest of Birthdays to mah sistah from anotha mistah! We love you Meowli face <3

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Dee's Friendship Club (Part Two)

Part 2 of Dee's Friendship Club is up! Today we learn that when we work together, we can build empires through ice cream. One scoop at a time. :9

Lately, I've been enjoying how much faster I'm becoming at illustrating and coloring. Time management is another thing, and very well may be the foundation for all this progress. Being more aware of how I am spending my time and being less prone to distraction which tends to be my habit. By default, I have a wandering mind. But actually becoming this disciplined person is quite amazing to me. That I'm actually capable still impresses me. It truly works this whole setting schedules and being more mindful and precise about my time. I feel proud of where I am at and am confident that as I continue I will only get better.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Dee's Friendship Club (Part One)

Hi buddies! Introducing Dee's Friendship Club Part One! First episode of many to come. This is something I have been working on for some time. This story is about friendship, fun, cute, little, yellow elephants and, of course, red pandas ;)